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Sep 27, 2020 | pdurack | 1286 views
Oshawa Church Hockey League (OCHL) COVID-19 Return to Hockey Health and Safety Guidelines
The plan presented here today has been created to provide all participants with the highest amount of safety so all participants can enjoy the sport of hockey. This plan will cover the upcoming 2020/2021 season and items may change quickly so please monitor the website for any updates.  All participants should show respect towards fellow participants and their coaching staff.

IMPORTANT:  The OCHL has appointed a Board member as our COVID-19 Officer and their email can be found on the OCHL website.  This email should only be use for COVID-19 related concerns or to report suspected/positive cases of COVID-19.   If a player, parent/guardian, or immediate family member is showing symptoms of COVID-19, the player and anyone living in the same household should not attend any OCHL activities.  The OCHL is required to report all cases or suspected cases of COVID-19 to the facility.  In order to accurately do this, the parent/guardian must report their case to the OCHL using the COVID Officer email.   This doesn’t take the place of the individual’s responsibility to report to the Health department.


COVID-19 Protocols

Symptoms of COVID-19

1.      Anyone exhibiting signs and symptoms of illness must leave an OCHL activity immediately.

Participant Feels Ill at the Facility/Activity

1.      Participant advises team staff and immediately removed from the activity.

2.      Participant will put on a face mask immediately.  Anyone caring for the participant will also put on a face mask and gloves.

3.      Parent/guardian will be advised and take the participant home. If the participant is an adult, they will leave immediately if well enough to drive. If there is a delay in leaving the facility, the participant will be isolated in a designated area (First Aid Rooms) until contact is made with someone to take them home.

4.      The participant will require a note from their physician to return to OCHL activities.

5.      If an individual has or develops respiratory COVID-19 symptoms (shortness of breath or problems breathing and speak more than one word at a time) the coach or designate will call 911.


Player Advises Team Staff They Are Not Feeling Well and Will Not Be Attending or They have Symptoms of COVID-19 and will not be Attending

1.      Player will be advised to follow up with their physician and if they present symptoms of COVID-19, the Durham Region Health Department.

2.      The player is required to have a note from their physician to return to OCHL activities.

3.      Confirmed cases of COVID-19 will not return to the hockey environment until all the Durham Region Health Department steps have been completed.  Any confirmed case, should also be reported to the OCHL COVID Officer.  OCHL COVID Officer will contact the Durham Region Health Department for direction and required communication. The OCHL COVID Officer will report the case to the Facility Booking Office.

Positive COVID-19 in the Hockey Environment

1.      Immediate removal from OCHL activities for anyone in the household.

2.      Individual will advise the Durham Region Health Department and must advise the OCHL COVID Officer using the appropriate email.

3.      OCHL COVID Officer will report the case to the Facility Booking Office.

4.      The Player is required to have a note from their physician to return to OCHL activities.

Summary:  When is a physician’s note required to return to OCHL activities;

·         Feeling ill and will not be attending an OCHL activity

·         Feeling ill during an OCHL activity

·         Showing signs of COVID-19 and will not be attending an OCHL activity

·         Player or person in their household has a positive case of COVID-19



1.      All participants (players, coaches, instructors) will be required to complete a health screening prior to each participation in an on-ice activity.

a.      Coach/team official (trainer) will greet players and verbally screen them and track their screening and attendance prior to entering the facility.  (OHF screening and attendance documents can be found on the OCHL website)

b.      Coach will be responsible to providing the Convenor with the screening and attendance sheets at the end of every OCHL activity.  The Convenor will store these documents in a secure location in case they are requested by the OCHL COVID Officer for tracking purposes.

2.      ALL participants will be required to wear a mask indoors at all times, expect when on the ice.  Coaches on the bench are also required to wear a mask.

3.      Trainers are required to wear a mask and gloves when dealing with injuries.

4.      ALL participants are required to physically distance at all times.

5.      Participants will enter and exit the facility using the designated doors and follow facility protocols at all times.

6.      ALL participants will be required to arrive at the facility a minimum of 20 minutes before their ice time.  They will complete their screening and enter as a group.    Once the group has entered the facility, late arrivals will not be granted entrance (doors will be locked after each group enters). The entire group will also exit together no later than 15 minutes after the end of their ice time.

7.      Player benches will be accessible but dressing rooms may not be accessible in all facilities.



1.      Tiered Divisions (Bubbles) – Players will be grouped in bubbles of 40-50 and remain in their bubble until the provincial and regional governments reduce restrictions.

2.      Creation of Teams – Player will be divided into teams (cohorts) of no more than 9 players and 1 goalie.  U8 development will consist of cohorts of 20 players.

a.      Game play will be modified 3-on-3 hockey with minor penalties as a penalty shots and major penalties will be as usual with game ejection and a penalty shot.  Any fighting may result in possible termination for the remainder of the season with no refund.

3.      Bench staff for all games will consist of one certified coach and one certified trainer. 

4.      U8 will receive one (1) ice time per week.  All other ages groups will receive two (2) ice times per week.

5.      There will be no shaking of hands prior to or following the game.

6.      Parents must provide all necessary forms (e.g., medical questionnaire form) before the player will be allowed to step on the ice.

7.      Fees for the session must paid by the deadline or the player will not be allowed to participate until the fees are paid.



·         are required to have a practice plan which caters to physical distancing at all times.

·         will be responsible for ensuring players practice physical distancing on and off the ice.

·         are required to have all necessary equipment.

·         are required to use cones or markers to show players how to physically distance.

·         are required to have players off the ice at the exact time and ready to leave the facility as a group no later than 15 minutes after the end of their ice time.

·         are required to ensure that no more than 25 people are on the ice at one time (includes players, goalie and coaches)



1.      Do not bring your child to hockey if they are ill or presenting symptoms of COVID-19.

2.      Face masks must be worn at all times.

3.      Only one (1) adult (no siblings) will be allowed to accompany the player(s) into the facility and must also complete a facility screening. 

4.      The adult must stand in the designated viewing area.

5.      No in or out privileges.

6.      No food/beverage may be brought into the facility.

7.      Players must bring their own water bottle clearly labelled with their name.

8.      Lobby will be restricted except for washrooms.

9.      Limited use of dressing rooms (time and capacity).  U8 required to come dressed except for skates.  When player safety might be compromised by riding in a car seat, the player should arrive at the arena partially dressed and put on the remaining equipment (excluding skates) prior to entering the facility.  All other players are encouraged to partially dress at home.

10.  Hockey bags should be left in your car.

11.  All participants will line up in the designated area outside the facility and wait to be escorted to the arena by city staff.



COVID related concerns and suspected/positive cases of COVID-19 should be reported to the OCHL COVID Officer [email protected].


(Under no circumstances will an individual’s name ever be disclosed to anyone other than Durham Region Health Department, upon request.)

Please note if you have questions on these protocols and why we have them please reach out to 

[email protected]

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