Team Sponsorship Agreement (Oshawa Community Hockey League)

Team Sponsorship Agreement
Oshawa Church Hockey League Team Sponsorship Agreement

I have read and agree to the terms of the, “Sponsorship Agreement,” and will provide payment for our sponsorship once I have been invoiced by the OCHL :


Terms of Agreement:

1.       The OCHL undertakes to maintain all jerseys in a proper state of repair.

2.       The league shall have the up to three colour sponsor bar put on the back of a team’s jersey.

3.       The league will, as much as possible, allocate the team specified by the sponsor. If the sponsor does not specify a team, the league shall select a team.

4.       If the sponsor requests special logos or artwork, prior agreement must be made. Any additional cost of special logos or artwork shall be the responsibility of the sponsor.

5.       The person looking after sponsorships will work with the sponsor to solve any problems that may arise from name bars, artwork, and/or fee.

6.       Sponsor link, logo and blurb will be added to the O.C.H.L. website when provided by the sponsor.

7.       It is very important that the following schedule is followed:

a.       Signed sponsorship application returned ASAP to the OCHL indicating commitment, but no later than September 1st, of the sponsorship year.

b.       Invoices will be sent to sponsors if payment is not included with application by October 7th of the sponsorship year.

c.       Please provide payments at OCHL office by October 30th of the sponsorship year. Fees are to be made payable to the O.C.H.L. and will be picked up by the Director of Sponsorship.

Any questions or concerns please contact the Director of Sponsorship.

Brad Eveniss


[email protected]