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Trainers Corner

Welcome to the Trainers Corner


Thanks for volunteering for being a Trainer.  All resources to help you with your important job should be found here.  If you have any suggestions, or have any questions please contact the Head Trainer:

If there are any issues with the webpage (broken links, etc), please email: Support

Words to Remember

As a Hockey Trainer, your primary responsibility is to ensure that safety is the first priority at all times during all hockey-related activities, both on and of the ice.  You must play a leadership role in enhancing the safety of players and all others involved with OCHL Minor Hockey.

Trainer Manual

The following link will download a PDF

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Reporting Injuries

Use the online form, when filled out,  will go directly to the Head Trainer.  Once reviewed, you will receive a response if any further action is required on your part.  See link below for the form.

Trainer Kit

Suggestions for your Trainer Kit include:

1. First Aid Kit FirstAidKitPages
2. Hard Copies of all players and Team Officials Medical Information Sheets
3. EAPs
4. Padlock for dressing rooms
5. Sharpening Stone
6. Small Repair Kit
7. Tape
8. Small clean towels
9. Ziploc bags (great of keeping ice, teeth, etc)- Note: small frozen towel in a ziploc works great for wrapping around an injury.
10. Hand sanitizer and extra gloves (non latex)
11. Extra mouth guard and neck guard

Online Injury Reporting Process


Below is a graphic showing the process for an injured player (can be found in the Trainer Manual):




Injury Report Form

Click this button to fill out the online Injury Log form.  You can bookmark the form as well for quick access.  It is based on the paper Injury Log form.  Below is the paper form for use on the bench, etc. but then submit any injuries via the online form.

If any further action is required, you will receive an email from the league with the details 

Common Trainer Forms

Injury Log (day of) form

Injury Report Paper Form (detailed form)

EAP Arena Plan

Pocket Concussion Card

Return to Play Form

Quick Links

Trainer Online Course

 If you want to be a trainer, you must complete the online course.  The same link is for refresher courses.

OMHA Resources

This link will take you to the main OMHA Trainers page.

Trainer Resources OMHA

This link will take you to the OMHA Trainer Resources page where you can download tons of stuff including your EAP sheets, concussion awareness information, warm up information, etc

Safety Requires Team Work Manual